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After Midnight Cover Reveal

Title: After Midnight Author: Kindra Sowder Genre: Erotic horror/ psychological thriller Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Blythe’s world is changing. She has finally accepted who — or what — she is. Hyde’s keeping to their arrangement. Blythe can now move forward from all she endured including a new romance with Emmett. Not only does he make her feel normal but helps her see a possible future. But what of the elusive Adam Burnside? The man who could be her equal in not only state of mind but also body. With Cyra handing over journals filled with clues to her origins, Blythe needs to make sense of the new information within. Blythe realizes her past is unforgiving, and now a detective has started to nose around her personal life. Will she find the answers before he gets too close? What about this mysterious invitation to Adam’s masquerade ball? Her dark past has weaved an intricate web just as entangled as the life she longs to have. Kindra Sowder was born and raised in Rancho Palos Verde…

The Christmas Melody Release Blitz

Title: The Christmas Melody Author: Shanna Hatfield Genre: Holiday Romance Publication Date: December 28th, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: He needs a holiday miracle. . . She's prepared to deliver one Claire Baker does nothing halfway. She makes it a point to follow her heart, even when it leads her to a small Eastern Oregon town to stay with relatives. In truth, she loves Hardman and the people there. Which is why she wants a recluse she met in the woods and his adorable daughter to join in the community holiday celebrations. The more time they spend together, the more she realizes she’s fallen hopelessly in love with both of them. All Grayson Carter wants is to be left alone. That’s why he built his cabin in the middle of more than a thousand acres of woods, seeking to disappear from the world and keep his daughter, Maddie, safe.  Then a beautiful interloper appears and becomes quite determined in her efforts of drawing him back into the land of the living. As she brings him a…

The Vampire's Mark Release Blitz

Title: The Vampire’s Mark Author: Rachel Jonas Genre: Upper YA/NA Paranormal Romance | Urban Fantasy | Reverse Harem Romance | Vampire Romance Cover Designer: Najla Qamber of Najla Qamber Designs Publication Date: December 26th, 2018Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR
Blurb: Four blood-sucking princes. A beautiful anarchist. One dangerous mistake. To the vampires who dominate each quadrant of the Lydian Dynasty, I’m only known as “Blackbird”—a masked vigilante who, at nineteen, is already public enemy number one. To what’s left of humanity, I’ve been called a superhero, a title I neither welcome nor deserve. My only objective is to offer the enslaved what was stolen from us … Freedom. However, a failed plan lands me in the last place I imagined, at the mercy of all four Dynasty princes—Julian, Levi, Roman, and Silas. They’re monsters, each with a heart rumored to be as cold as his icy skin. And what’s worse, thanks to the slip-up, my fate is suddenly theirs to decide. It’s up to them whether …

The Final Life Series Box Set Sales Blitz

Title: The Final Life Series Box Set Author: Rose Garcia Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Paranormal Publication Date: September 17th, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR Blurb:This box set includes the first three books of The Final Life Series: Final Life, Final Stand, and Final Death. A complete story, the saga of Dominique's quest for survival will leave you on the edge of your seat. Final Life: For seventeen-year-old Dominique, nothing sucks more than moving across the country during senior year. Angry and feeling alone, she thinks things can't get worse, until her new neighbor pressures her into playing a psychic card game. The cards spark a vision of a red desert where a malignant presence hints at past lives and threatens to kill her...again. If Dominique is to put an end to the evil pursuing her, she must push through her fears and discover the secrets of her past. If she doesn't, she'll be dead. For real. Final Stand: Dominique is still alive after facing Tavion, the Tainted who…

Unbreakable Mind Release Blitz

Title: Unbreakable Mind Author: Bryan Tann & Kindra Sowder Genre: Dystopian Sci-fi/Political Thriller Cover Designer: L. Bachman Designs Editor: Edd Sowder Publisher: Burning Willow Press Publication Date: December 22, 2018 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: You just can’t keep a good man down. Especially when he has a Queen in his heart… After a napalm explosion takes him to his most primordial base, his formidable powers must regenerate him from near nothing. Now, with nothing left to lose John pulls himself back up following the devastating loss of one of his most trusted friends, he has vowed revenge against his creators. In doing so, John must also reunite Gaia Hunter — the sister of the enemy of the state, Mila Hunter — with the Fallen Paradigm; the rebel group dedicated to stopping President Emerson King at any cost. Can John keep Gaia safe from outside forces? Can Gaia help him find his purpose? Will the Paradigm be able to accept him as a soldier and no longer an assassin? In this ex…

Book of Dreams Relaunch & Freebie Book Blitz

Title: Book of Dreams Series Author: Bridgette O’Hare Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Cover Designer: DARK UNICORN DESIGNS Editor: Jennifer Green of Plot2Published Editing Publisher: CLOVERHOUSE PUBLISHING Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb: Halle Michaels is on the brink of insanity. She’s haunted by dreams that find their way into her reality. Nightmares of death…of destruction. Visions that will uncover the truth – about her abilities, her family’s origins, and her part in a prophecy that could change the world. And when a mysterious book shows up on her doorstep, those dreams may be all that can save her from an overwhelming evil. One that has its sights set on Halle. She wanted normal, but normal is overrated. She was born to be so much more. Lullaby (Free): Blurb: They say a good book can change your life. For Halle Michaels, it might just end it. When an old, tattered book shows up on Halle’s doorstep containing undeciphered messages, it brings with it a surge of mysterious…