The Boundary Stone' by Gail Avery Halverson Tour & Giveaway

The Boundary Stone
The Stockbridge Series # 1
By- Gail Avery Halverson
Genre- Historical Fiction/Romance

Bound since childhood to an arranged marriage with the restless and irresponsible heir of Houghton Hall, Viscount Miles Houghton; Lady Catherine Abbott, now grown, finds herself torn between duty to her family and her smoldering ambitions. Possessed of a nimble, curious mind, a love of science and the natural world, and a singular talent for illustration, Catherine desperately longs to accomplish something before she resigns herself to a loveless marriage and the idle, aristocratic whirl of parties and social gatherings within the confines of the palatial Houghton Hall.

Banished before his final year of medical training for pushing harder on the boundaries of scientific knowledge than any student at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, the mysterious and driven Simon McKensie has blurred the lines between research and criminality and must now choose between exile to the rural country village of Wells, or the hangman’s noose.

When the terrifying Great Plague of 1665 spreads from London to Wells, the town’s very existence is threatened and Catherine must confront her fears, her place in the world – and the burning passions she has long held inside.

It was Miles who’d made up most of their childhood games. More than once, he’d gambled with their young lives, challenging Catherine and Charles to reckless games; swinging on vines over brooks or balancing on fallen trees that stretched across deep chasms in the woodlands that surrounded the two estates.
“Please rise,” commanded Father Jessup. The small gathering took to their feet.
They’d even kissed once. She was just twelve when he’d caught her up tight in his grasp after a long game of chase through the forest. A soft rain dripped from heavy pine boughs in the deepening shadows and she remembered how his lips felt at once soft and hard, and altogether forceful. He’d caught her by the arms and pressed her up against a massive chestnut tree. The bark felt rough and it scratched against the back of her neck as she let him touch her in places she knew she shouldn’t. Unfamiliar, exquisite sensations pulsed through her as he thrust himself against her again and again. She was so ashamed and confused long afterward, but he was older and she trusted him. He was brave, foolhardy, and absolutely beautiful. Oh, how she’d missed him.


About the Author-
GAIL HALVERSON is the playwright and composer of musical plays that have been performed for over 250,000 children since 2004. Writing for both theater and television, she holds a degree in English Literature and Communications from the University of California, Davis; and is currently at work on a television pilot for Double Trouble Productions, Inc. She lives in Northern California with her husband and son. The Boundary Stone is her first novel.


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  1. what do I love about historical romance?
    I have always loved 'history' and I really enjoy reading historically based stories for the details ... the food, the dress, landscape, etc
    and I do have a romantic heart so both together is a perfect blend for me =)

  2. When I was younger I blew off anything about history. Then my sister got me to read a historical romance. I fell in love with the genre and grew to become fascinated with history because of that love for the genre.


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