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Sigils of the Old God
By- J.P. Moore
Genre- Epic Fantasy
Published By- Dragon Moon Press
Publication Date- November 2nd

Jamesport, Rhode Island, 1895 ...

Listen carefully. You may hear whispers of the city’s mysteries just below the howling of the wind through the rafters of the abandoned fish market. Odd creatures serve a witch in the haunted salt marshes. Sigils of ancient and forgotten magic mark the cliff overlooking the bay. A ruined stone tower of unknown age stands in the square. Do not speak too loudly of these mysteries, lest the Old God send his servants to silence you.

Fear Jacob, the most loyal and gifted of these assassins. He has killed many, from babbling ex-sailors who uncovered too many secrets in dark and faraway lands, to millionaires’ wives who summer in mansions on the cliff and wander one step too far into the occult.
But peer into Jacob’s eyes and you may see a hint of doubt. You may discover what you have suspected all along.

History is a lie.

The world is not what we think it is.

And, it is all about to come crashing to an end.


About the Author-
J. P. Moore lives and writes in southern New Jersey. Though his characters would feel right at home in the dark and mossy tracts of the Jersey Pine Barrens, the setting that he enjoys with his wife and three children is a long way from the worlds of his novels and stories. Moore's settings are on the brink. Their histories are lost, or misunderstood. Their futures are uncertain. All of the heroes are gone. Only the unlikely heroes are left.


Dream Cast
J. P. Moore’s newest horror/fantasy novel, Sigils of the Old God, is now available from Dragon Moon Press. Moore is also the author of the award-winning Toothless, a genre-bending and spellbinding zombie apocalypse novel set in the Dark Ages. 

Here, he discusses the dream cast for a film adaptation of his latest novel.

If Sigils of the Old God was made into a movie and you could cast anyone you wanted, who would you choose? 

Sigils of the Old God takes place in 19th century Rhode Island, where a mysterious force employs assassins to keep a veil over the hidden history of humanity. Jacob, the most gifted of these assassins, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war over the truths of this history. As he careens through a world turning upside down, he befriends Isabella, the captive of a coven of witches working to awaken a slumbering sorcerer king. We also meet Theresa, a mysterious woman whom all sides of the conflict seek to capture, control, or even kill.

As a period piece, the novel’s adaptation would need to be a visual tour de force. When I imagine the cast, I imagine folks who have a memorable, even quirky style. These folks need to look off center, even out of place. It’s not all about the looks, of course. We need players with the chops to pull it all off.

Like Owen Wilson. 

Yes, you read that right. I’d cast Owen Wilson as Jacob. Not only does he match the physical description--a bit crazed, a lot of hair, sharp facial lines--but he’s probably due for the kind of reintroduction that Woody Harrelson had through the first season of True Detective (and which went so poorly for everyone in the second season of that same series). In the novel, I describe Jacob as looking like “a crazed ex-Confederate.” Wilson is just one makeup session from that description on any given day, and probably shows up on set ready to fill that role on any other given day. And as long as we take extra care with the wardrobe and stay away from Ben Stiller (not even a cameo), we won’t evoke Zoolander at all. Not even a little bit.

Isabella is a tougher one to cast. Here, I think we roll the dice and introduce the world to a new short-haired brunette with wide-set eyes and a China doll complexion. We have to be careful, though; this role is susceptible to melodrama that could take down the whole film. This actress needs to be able to strike more of Leia’s confident but vulnerable “Save me, Obi Wan Kenobi!” and less of Buttercup’s unconvincing “You mock my pain!” Our new Hollywood “It” girl will need to find a perfect balance between vulnerability and strength in the face of overwhelming odds.

Theresa is a bit easier. Carey Mulligan, all the way. She’s got the resume for period pieces like this one (but totally not like this one). Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and others. Her IMDb page almost scrolls down all by itself with the gravitas of her credits. And she’s got the look. Blonde, thin-to-almost-gaunt, with a perfect smirk. Being married to the guy from Mumford and Sons also means we might even get a good, rough-edged and quirkily melodic ballad for the closing credits.

And that’s always a plus, right? Just like Frozen.

In fact, forget the cast. Let’s focus on that single.


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