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Release Day Blitz: The Reapers by Ali Winters

Title: The Reapers Author: Ali Winters  Genre: YA Fantasy Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours Blurb: The balance of life and death must be kept at all costs. Having been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered. Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death have been feuding for centuries over a reason no one can even remember. With Kain having been marked for reaping, and Nivian being hunted, they forge a friendship and together must find the truth in order to keep balance in check. Wrong choices could destroy everything. As they journey they discover hidden histories, powers, and lies and truths that have been spun since the beginning of time. The consequenc…

Release Day Blitz: Hunger by L.L. Hunter

Title: Hunger Series: The Dragon Heart Series #3 Genre: YA fantasy/urban fantasy/ paranormal romance/myths and legends Author: L.L. Hunter Formats: eBook and print Release Date: May 31st 2015 Hunger Blurb: Eva and Ash thought they were safe. What they don’t know is someone is watching their every move. As the bounty on their head looms, Eva will do anything to protect Ash, even if it means trusting the enemy. Ash must learn to work with Henry if he is to survive, and Eva must put up with both boys—and her feelings for them. But their plan to escape the clutches of Eva's father is ruined when the trio is separated. To find their way back together, they must all confront their own demons—in order for them to confront the Man with the Fire in his Eyes. When you’re the last of the Dragon Hearts, everyone hungers for your blood. Crave Love. Crave Blood. Crave Death.

Blog Tour: Resurrecting Harry by Constance Phillips

Resurrecting Harry by Constance Phillips Genre: Historical Romance

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In order to save the only woman he’s every loved from self-destruction, Harry puts his afterlife on the line by entering a wager with purgatory’s keeper, Jaden. He gives Harry a younger face and body, and a new name: Erich Welch. If he wants to keep his new life, he must convince Bess to give up the promise she made to Harry on his death bed and call off the séance she’s scheduled on the anniversary of his death. Will Erich be able to help Bess over her loss and will any good come from resurrecting Harry?

“ This was a very fast read for me and kept me guessing to the very end. ” M. E. Wilson

“Theirs was a love story that Ms. Phillips delves into in her novel. ” R. Trogne
“Great story, new idea. All in all. Worth a read.” The Eternal Scribe
Resurrecting Harry was a 2013 Finalist in the Grave Tell Awards, Sugar Shack division. Louann Carrol, USA Today’s Happily Ever After blogger, n…

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Run by Gillian Zane

Zombies are on the loose in New Orleans and of all the End of the World scenarios, Alexis Winter wasn’t prepared for this one. But, an apocalypse is an apocalypse and she should have this covered. She has been “prepping” for the last three years. The problem is location and timing. She’s stuck downtown and she has to get to her house on the outskirts of the city so she can get her supplies and bug-in (for the “non-preppers” this means hole up and stay safe). Agreeing to work on a Saturday is now coming back to bite her on the ass big time. Hopefully, it won’t be a literal bite by the walking dead. Luck favors the prepared, and as luck would have it, it comes in the form of the ridiculously hot Blake Miller. Former military man, current mercenary, Blake Miller, the man with the plan, his goal: steal a boat and trek up the Mississippi until they find safety. Alexis thinks this is a great plan and she decides to team up with Blake. The two team up in unexpected ways as they find they ca…

Cover Reveal: Crossover by Mireille Chester

Crossover  The Chosen One # 1 By- Mireille Chester Genre- Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Romance Expected Publication Date- June 8th, 2015 Published By-  Booktrope Publishing
Twenty-three-year-old Hayden Carlson never led an exciting life, but that was how she preferred it. She never expected that an innocent trail ride in the woods would change her life forever. Suddenly, Hayden is pulled into a world she never knew existed and discovers a future awaits her there she isn’t prepared to accept...until she meets the mysterious Jasper. Drawn to his quiet, conflicted spirit and entranced by his blue eyes, Hayden finds herself experiencing feelings she has never felt before and wondering where all this might lead.
Hayden’s presence in Quelondain creates tension. Amidst constant danger, she finds true love and through it all determines where she will take her stand in the conflict her arrival ignites between good and evil.
If you love fantasy, action, and romance, Crossover-Book One in a debut Fantasy Roman…

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Unattainable by Victoria Escobar

Unattainable By- Victoria Escobar Genre- New Adult Contemporary Publication Date- April 14th, 2015
Being the best comes with consequences.
She was the best thief Interpol ever tracked. When a job went wrong she had to make a deal with them to retain her freedom. Given the choice  between being locked in a cell, or complete a simple favor the answer should be obvious. But will that favor prove to be too big, even for the best? 
He had been the best once. The right hand man of one of the most powerful women in the city, everyone respected and feared him. Then after a costly mistake he was left with an unpayable debt. He went from being the right hand to the collared dog. When he was tasked with creating ties that could subsequently wipe his debt, will he get out of the frying pan and into the fire? Or will freedom remain unattainable?

Levi I woke in the massive hotel bed alone. Thankfully. Micah was gorgeous, but I had every reason to believe sleeping with him would create complic…

Cover Reveal: Forever: A Lobster Kind of Love by Jody Pardo & Jennifer Tocheny