Getting to Know: Trisha Wolfe

Here is a awesome interview with Trisha Wolfe and if you are not sure what she has written the books are below make sure you check them out. 



What is your first thought before you go to bed?
Trisha: Wow, great question! Lately, it’s been trying to figure out the next scene in my WIP. I usually think about what ever book I’m working on at the time, about my characters, envisioning their scenes…and then of course there’s the super panicky thoughts right before I drift off, like: do I have enough creamer for coffee?

Me: I agree you have to have enough creamer for coffee lol

What is one food that you will not eat?
Trisha: Raw Sushi. I hate fish. 

Me: Ewww I agree with you on that one

What are your thoughts about Spirits/Ghost?
Trisha: I believe they exist…but not effervescent beings floating around waiting to cross over, or angered, evil spirits escaped from beyond, wishing to cause harm. I think of it as everything and everyone is energy, and that energy sometimes manifests into things we can’t understand. 

Me: Never thought of it that way but that is an interesting way of putting it. 

If you had the chance would you ever go on a reality Show and if so which one?
Trisha: Funny, I wouldn’t go on any of them on TV at the moment lol But I did once audition for Let’s Make a Deal. I got as far as a trial game show taping with my family. We didn’t make the ultimate cut, but we had a blast winning fake money in suitcases lol

Me: I never been on one but with me I would love to go on Big Brother but I'm too chicken shit to be on TV lol.

What is one of your favorite alcoholic drinks?
Trisha: Madras 

Me: Never heard of that one

What books do you have coming up?
Trisha: The third book in my Living Heartwood series, FADING OUT, is slated to release February 2015, and then the fourth book, BAD ROAD, right after in April.

Me: Looking forward to those 2 books. I say February and April need to get here ASAP lol.

Thank you so much for answering my random questions and if you readers would like to know more of Trisha the links are below on her to reach her


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