Getting to know: Author Susan Griscom

For this week I wanted to interview Susan Griscom and get to know her. If you are not sure who she is here is a list of her books she has written so far.

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What are your plans for Halloween this year? 

Susan: I plan on staying home. I will dress up because I love to answer the door in costume. I think the kids get a kick out of it and it helps get us into the spirit of the fun. After the trick or treaters are finished, I’ll probably settle down and watch a good old fashioned scary movie or something.

Me: Sounds like fun 

What other talents do you have other than writing?

Susan: I love doing crafty things. I make my own book covers and I love doing that. I wouldn’t mind doing it for some other authors, though I haven’t yet. I also format books for other authors in both digital and print. As for hobbies, I love to quilt. I especially love the designing part of quilting. Finding time to do it is a challenge. The actual stitching part is relaxing too and I do all that by hand. 

Me: That is very cool you are into crafty things and hope you can make a book cover for another Author.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a child?

Susan: Hmmm… I’ll be dating myself on this one. LOL It would have to be Popeye. We didn’t have a gazillion different cartoons available to us when I was little, but Popeye was always a favorite. 

Me: I never watch that one but mine was Jem so we can see how old I am lol

Can you do any accents other than your own?

Susan: Only if you want a good laugh. Oh wait, I take that back. I can do a pretty good southern accent since I lived in Georgia for a short period of time as a child. Plus my husband is from N. Carolina and I get it from him too. 

Me: You should come around me you would get a laugh I like doing doing different ones but people seem to get a laugh out of it lol

What was the last film you saw?

Susan: Oh, I just went to see the new Dracula movie. Dracula Untold. It was awesome. Just my type of movie and Luke Evans was just dreamy in the role. 

Me: I wanna see that movie myself and I bet Luke Evans did an awesome job.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Susan: Don’t chew gum in public. LOL If you’ve ever noticed people on TV, actors being interviewed at the Academy awards or something like that and they are chewing gun it just looks awful. So yeah, don’t do it. The other important pieces of advice were don’t give up and stop doubting yourself.  It is important for me or anyone for that matter to remember that I am just as important as anyone else. That’s something that I’ve always struggled with and it requires a lot of strength and self-control to try to remember it. 

Me: That is some good advice but the chew gum in public made me laugh.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my random questions and if you readers would like to follow Susan the links are below.


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