Review: Beautiful Lies by Gina Whitney

Lust, Love, and Letting Go

Cameron Sterling has sworn off women. Enigmatic and moody, all he cares about is his career…until he meets Lilly Amsel. A honey-haired fashion model with a killer body, she knocks him right off the fast track. Their undeniable physical attraction is white hot, their desire for one another an unstoppable force of nature.

They unleash years of pent-up carnal frustration on one another, leading to some mind-blowing sex. It also brings something unexpected into their lives: love with no limitations. But can their relationship survive their past demons? Cam has been alone for so long, he’s forgotten how to open his heart. Lilly keeps memories of her abusive childhood at bay with an addiction to prescription meds.

And then there’s the big problem: Lilly is already involved with a wealthy, powerful older man who controls her emotionally and financially and has no desire to share her. When he finds out about her trysts with another man, he deploys his thugs, sending Cam and Lilly on the run, fighting for their lives—and their love.

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 This is my first time reading one of Gina Whitney's books and let me tell you her writing and the way she thinks it's like WOW!!

Cameron Sterling is trying to become a partner in this law firm he is working for and he gets a chance in helping in a big case. The client is some big time celebrity name Sig and let's just say he is such an asshole I wanted to go in the book to punch him or kill him myself. Then you have Lily Sig's long time girlfriend and she is not happy at all so she puts on a act in front of everyone and not being herself what so ever. She is one hot mess that is until she meets Cam and he makes her feel alive again. Once Sig finds out about it things change to the point you don't know if Cam and Lily will live or die. I loved everything about Beautiful Lies and even the twist that Gina put in there and let me tell you its a shocker you would not see coming cause I know I didn't at all. Thank you Gina for a amazing story! 



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