Review: Amber's Faerie-Tale (A Light Tamer Novella) by Devyn Dawson

You asked for it, you've got it... Amber's story! If you haven't read Enlightened, it is recommended to read that book before reading this novella. As a matter of fact, if you haven't read it...don't read the synopsis of this book....or pay attention to the title. By continuing to read, you're taking it into your own hands that you're reading a spoiler. Don't write me and say you had no idea and now you're scarred for life. Nope, you can't say those things.

You're reading at your own risk. I'm warning you to turn your eyes and run and read the first two books before going any further.

Amber goes with Jessie to have dinner with Queen Teagan on the other side of the Shimmer. The Queen sent her son Prince Jack to escort the Light Tamers to her castle. Along the way, they end up fighting for their life against a faerie clan with a hidden agenda. The woods are filled with creatures who want to capture Jessie to earn a coin the Unseelie King offers his rogue fae.

WARNING - this story is known to make you laugh out loud. You may actually snort, so be careful about reading in waiting rooms or in front of cute boys.

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 My first thought after I read Amber's story was what no it can't be over then of course my imagination started running on what is going to happen in Light Bound.. Amber goes with Jessie to have dinner with Queen Teagan and her son Prince Jack shows up to take them. Along the way you will see some action and tons of laughs. Her interaction with Thorne is great and with Prince Jack as well. Makes you wonder when it comes to those two guys who Amber will actually end up with. Her interaction with the Raccoon was funny I couldn't stop laughing but at the same time I laughed a lot with the stuff Amber would say. Amber is fun,spunky and sarcastic in the whole book. I even loved how she tries to hide her girly side. Make sure you read first 2 books to The Light Tamer series before reading this one.

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