Review: Dusk by Heather Kirchhoff

Seventeen-year-old Meagan Nevels is a powerful witch. After her village burnt down, taking Meagan’s mom with it, she had to flee with her aunt into an unknown world. Now they’re among unsuspecting humans, trying to fit in. When a prophecy strikes her, taking Meagan’s breath away as she’s told that she’ll fall in love with a human. Meagan knows that she can’t let that happen or else her secret might get out and take her and her aunt down, but she’s caught in a desire to be with him. Can Meagan break what she feels for him or will all hell break loose?

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  Heather Kirchhoff did a great job with Dusk it was a fast and good read. She hooks you from the very first page and that is great thing. I wish it was longer and not so fast. I love Meagan she is straight forward and she has habit at times of saying what is on her mind without thinking. You can tell she has never been around people with her always hiding from others that want to take her for her power. They move into the city in hoping it will hide them better and she finally gets out and meets a boy Justin then gets told a prophecy to stay away from him and all humans. What is a girl to do with that kind of information and she wants to bury the past so she ends back to where it all began but was it a good thing or bad thing on going back. Can't wait to see what happens next. You will have to read it yourself to find out. :)

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