Review: Convincing Constance by Tabatha Vargo

As the only survivor of a tragic accident, Tony Russell, aka Tiny, is mentally and physically scarred for life. Years later, he finds himself addicted to the gym and prescription drugs. Relationships and sex are the furthest thing from his mind, but when a replacement guitarist steps in for his band Blow Hole, Tony can’t help his physical reaction to her. She’s a spicy rocker with pink highlights and a scorching attitude, and she’s exactly what he needs…regardless of how badly he refuses to believe it.

Constance McClaire knows all about addiction. After growing up with a junky for a mother, she refuses to have anything to do with that life…until she meets the brooding, giant bass player for Blow Hole. He doesn’t take her shit, has sexy tattoos, and very large hands—but he’s clearly an addict and desperately needs help. Getting close to Tony without allowing herself to become emotionally attached is harder than she thought it would be. Addiction is addiction, no matter what it is swimming in your veins, and Constance finds its Tony she can’t get enough of.

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 This is one of my favorite series and I bought it as soon as it went live. I read this book within hours and I wasn't disappointed! Constance grew up in the rock and roll world so she has seen first hand what that world can do to people. She never wanted to be a part of it. But when she falls on hard times and takes a job with Blow Hole while Zeke recovers with a broken hand she's thrown right back into it. Constance is a loud mouth, hard b@#$h so she fits right in with the guys. Finn treats her like his little sister and Chet treats her like he does every other female. Tiny is the one she's uncomfortable around but she can't keep her eyes off him. Tiny has a self esteem problem and a self medicating problem. He hates to be touched but has no problem touching females and bring them pleasure. He wants Constance bad but feels he's not good enough for her. Both of them have a past they try to keep locked away. They both have walls up but when they finally let each other in things go bad and they end up hurt. I went through so many different emotions while reading this book. I felt bad for both Constance and Tiny. I fully understand why Constance is the way she is. She decided to be a fighter instead of a victim. I can relate to Tiny. I know first hand how having scars on your body can hold you back from doing things. They stole my heart but I knew that would happen. Tabatha's characters have a way of doing that. Convincing Constance is a great read and trust me you'll love every single word! Congrats Tabatha on another wonderful book!!!




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