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Blog Tour for Vampire World by Rich Douglas


A popular teen is bitten by a vampire during a steamy night of making out with her boyfriend. After the bite, she wakes up in a cruel orphanage in Vampire World, with no memory of her past. She’s left with very little; only fangs, pale skin and a keen desire for blood.
Marissa, who’s named Janice in Vampire World, escapes the ghastly orphanage thanks to Mr. John FreeCut, an old, benevolent vampire who adopts Janice because he wants to foster children he could never have. He says her parents died in a crash. Beautiful, innocent and thrust into an enigmatic world she has no memory of, Janice must face many challenges. The grueling blood hostess job. The multiple stalkers and creepers who are hungry for her and her blood. The dizzying fireball competition. And most challenging, the fact that she doesn’t look or act like a vampire.
Janice is emotionally overwhelmed. Thankfully she makes some friends, including Brett BloodCut. Brett and Janice are immersed in a passionate romance, and Brett helps Janice adjust to her new world by giving her the love, confidence and knowledge she needs to survive as a vampire. Janice finds a way to succeed in such a problematic world. Things go well for Janice, though not for long. A stranger knows the truth about her past.
Slowly but surely Janice discovers the truth that she is being lied to by the ones she loves. She must learn the secret behind TriFang, and ultimately accept the stinging reality that things are not always what they seem. Could the truth ever be so bloody?

Excerpt from Chapter 1
3:15 P.M.
I can’t believe it. Could life get any sweeter? Here I am, finishing up my third year of high school, on the brink of one exciting summer.
“The end of the year party is tomorrow night at Molly’s girl. Can’t wait to see you and Rob there.”
I tell my cheerleading teammate and best friend Katey that I’ll be there. I feel like I’m walking down a fashion catwalk as I make my down the school hallway.
“Oh, Marissa, that shirt looks great on you!”
“I love the hair, girl.”
“Those shoes are amazing. Where did you get them?”
I know, I know. I look good. Everybody loves me. Especially my boyfriend.
I have to ignore the compliments. I’m not being rude, but Rob catches my attention.
“You look great baby,” he says, noticing how much better I look when I don’t have to wear a school uniform, thanks to the last day of school.
We’ve been together for three months, the best time of my life. As a wrap my arms around Rob’s hot body, and peer into his crystal blue eyes, I know I must be in heaven.
“You’re still picking me up at 6:15?”
“Yeah,” he says. “I got the perfect place to take you tonight to celebrate our three month’s anniversary.”
“Oh, I can’t wait.”
We kiss passionately, breaking another school rule.

4: 30 P.M

Driving around in my father’s silver Camero on the way home from school, I pull into a Seven Eleven. Inside, I grab a Twinkie and the latest edition of Cosmo. While I wait in the checkout line, behind me a stinky old man with a jungle-like beard is staring right at my chest. Gosh, he’s a creeper. I make my way to the cashier as I can still smell his reeking breath.
Outside, I read the headlines of a newspaper in a rusty dispenser: “12 missing in two weeks: Centerville on Alert.”
I don’t get the chance to care much about the news. But this is disturbing. Suddenly a shadow overtakes me. Turning around, I go eye to eye with the creepy man in the line.
“You better stay home tonight sweetheart,” he says. “Stay home if you want to live.”
I back up a few steps.
“Who are you?” I yell. “Get away from me!”
I jump into the car and start the engine. And I don’t look back.

6:15 P.M.

I change into my tight jeans and put on a very cute red shirt. Combing my long dark hair, I put on my pink wedges that propel me to a sexy 5’10.
Downstairs in the living room, I run into my father.
“Where are you heading out to tonight? Rob coming to get you?”
“Yes,” I say.
Appearing concerned, he turns up the volume to the large flat screen TV. The news is on, as I watch the blonde bombshell anchor.
“Is a vampire loose in Centerville? No one knows who is responsible for the disappearance of twelve Centerville residents, but one thing does remain: fear. News 12 has learned that one man witnessed an attack by someone who was dressed as a vampire.”
The camera does not reveal the identity of the man, but I can hear his distressed voice.
“It was a…a. real vampire! I…I saw him bite my friend! I….”
Dad turns the TV off.
“I don’t know what the heck is going on Marissa, but just be careful tonight. You and Rob go where people are. Promise?”
“I promise.”
Of course I lie. The doorbell rings.
My heart flutters as Rob enters. We both tell my father we’re going to the movies. He watches me leave as I hop into Rob’s blazing yellow Mustang.
Before I know it, we’re kissing as his illegally tinted windows hide us from any peepers. I gawk at my football player stud, and I lose my breath.
“Where are we going?” I eagerly say.
“I told you I’d take you someplace nice baby. Just you wait.”
“I can’t wait.”
“For the best moment of your life, right?” he says.
I know exactly what he means. It’s a big decision. But I’m more than ready. Being with him is so awesome. And it’s going to happen eventually, so why not now?
He slams on the gas and we weave through the streets of Centerville. Rob doesn’t say much. But that’s ok.
“So I figure we’re not going to the movies,” I state.
“Hell no. Just be quiet and relax.”
I remain happily silent. But something flashes across my mind.
“You heard about the people disappearing?” I ask. “That’s creepy, huh?”
“Yeah,” Rob responds. “But don’t worry, I ain’t going to let some serial killer dressed as a vampire hurt you.”
I become more thrilled as we leave the city limits, and enter a forest on a narrow road. The road loses its pavement as Rob drives up steep, blinding curves. Eventually the forest clears and we stop at an impressive overlook. The entire city of Centerville glistens in the darkness perhaps some three hundred feet down the rocky cliff.
“Oh, it’s so beautiful,” I say.
Those are the last words I remember before we’re kissing again. Rock music plays in the background as the moonlight filters inside. Rob loses his shirt. He kisses me harder as I breathe harder. There’s no turning back now….I love him…
There’s a loud crack. Glass falls on my back.
“What the hell?” shouts Rob.
The window is broken, as I see a rock lying on the back seat.
Fuming, a shirtless Rob gets out the car.
“I’m gonna kill you, bastard!” he screams. Thoughts of the serial killer enter my mind as I follow Rob out the car. He runs towards the woods.
“Where are you going?” I yell. “Come back! You don’t know what’s out there, with all the people disappearing!”
He turns around.
“Oh don’t be stupid Marissa. I’m 6 foot 4. I can handle myself! Stay here while I go hunt down the ass that did this!”
He disappears into the trees. I begin to shiver as the silence is heavy.
“Rob?” I say.
There is a piercing scream.
I freeze in fear. Oh my gosh, that was Rob! Rapidly I move my feet and enter the forest.
“Rob, where are you?” I ask.
I hear nothing. Tears flow from my eyes as the dark trees trap me in.
I hear something crack, like a branch.
“Is that you Rob?”
There is a break in the tree branches above me, as moonlight filters down.
I see a shadow move towards me. Next I witness something hideous: an unusually pale man with spiky gray hair and a heavy beard is running towards me. My eyes widen with disbelief when I see two sharp fangs protruding out of his mouth. Oh my god….Oh my god….
I close my eyes and look away, unable to run. Yet the serial killer is breathing down my neck. I open my eyes, staring him down. His breath smells like rotten eggs, as I’m too scared to move. Then he opens his mouth slowly. I see his massive teeth plunge deeply into my neck.
I fall to the ground, remembering nothing but burning pain seething through my veins. The world is spinning…spinning…and I pass out.

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Author Bio
I am from New Orleans, Lousiana and I write young adult novels, fantasy and science fiction. 

My new novel, Vampire World, is now available. If you enjoy reading paranormal YA fiction, please check this out now.

The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding, Book 1 of a trilogy, takes place in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It involves teens, romance and tons of magic.

The Secret of the Dogs is a children's book about four very different dogs (a Basenji, a Greyhound, a Pomeranian and an Airdale Terrier) who go on a quest to rescue a young boy that is being abused by his father.

I love writing, teaching, storm chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda

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