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 Book Title: Star Struck
 Author:  Amber  Garza
 Release  Date: June 15th
 Genre: Contemporary  Romance / New  Adult
 Length: 300  pages
 Publisher: Amber Garza
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Writing Believable Dialogue  
I love writing dialogue. It s actually my favorite  aspect of writing a scene. It makes sense because I LOVE to talk.  The key to writing  believable dialogue is to write it the same way people actually talk. When I first started writing  I  fell in the trap of writing dialogue in complete sentences, but we dont talk in complete sentences much of the time. To keep myself   from making this mistake continually, I like to speak my dialogue as I write it. If something sounds funny coming out  of my mouth than I will nix it and try again.

Throughout the years I ve been told that my strengths are characterization and dialogue. Descriptions and settings are my weaknesses. Often times  I will write pages of dialogue and realize I ve never said where my characters are or what they are doing. So, Ive learned to write in a layered way. Let me explain. In the  rough draft of my manuscripts I write what comes naturally. Therefore my rough drafts are pages upon pages of nothing but of dialogue. This helps with the flow and continuity  of the dialogue because I can just focus on the volley back and forth. After I get the  structure down, I go back into my manuscript and add in descriptions,character movements and setting.
 A lot of times the key to making dialogue believable is just a matter of taking out some   words, making the statements more choppy and clipped, like the way we talk in normal conversation. I pay close attention to the conversations around me in my daily life and draw from that. As an author I ve learned to be very observant.I m sure it makes me seem really creepy when I m out in public, but it helps when I m trying to put a scene on paper.  But, like everything else with my writing, I find that it gets easier with practice.
 I don t go for bad boys, or rockers.
And I don t believe in love at first  sight  Until I see Beckett. And things only get worse when I hear him  sing  There is no one like him. The problem is that he wants nothing to do with me.And I know I should stay away from him.It s the smart thing to do. Only when it comes to Beckett I don t want to do the smart thing. He makes me want to take a risk.    I just hope he  decides  to take a risk  on  me too.
Star Struck was a great read and its one of those books you just can't put down till you finish it. I love that it was a ever day life and you also get some insight on how a musician can be. You have Star who is sweet,caring and the shy type that loves singing and then she meets Beckett who has a ego problem and can be a ass at times but she feels a connection with him and believes she can help in opening him up. The only problem is that every time Beckett starts to get  close to Star he starts thinking of what happen in the past and  pushes her away. Star is willing to take the risk to be with him and see where it can lead but will Beckett.

Amber Garza is the author of Young Adult paranormal and contemporary romance. She has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Amber lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

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