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Book Info-
Title-Going Home
Series-Green Bayou Book #1
By-Rhonda R. Dennis
Publication Date-August 3, 2011
Paramedic Emily Boudreaux believes New Orleans is the perfect place for a young trauma junkie to see some action. Things start out fine enough, but years pass, and the job brings nothing but strife. Emily decides to make a fresh start by returning to her roots. She moves to the small town of Green Bayou, Louisiana. Thinking she will find peace and tranquility, Emily quickly learns that her imagination steered her wrong. Small town life offers far more tumult than she remembered! Mystery, excitement, deceit, and passion run rampant along the murky waters of Bayou Assumption. She struggles with the decision of which man to love: her amazing, new Paramedic partner, Jacob Templet or her handsome, former high school sweetheart, Deputy Pete Bergeron. Her ultimate struggle won't involve the decision of which man to be with. It is a quest for her personal survival! Praying to get out of a disastrous situation alive, Emily hopes that going home won't be the wrong decision.

 Character Bios:
Can you share a short history/bio of the main characters including physical descriptions, likes, dislikes, etc.

Thank you so much for asking about the characters!  As a whole, I have many readers tell me that they feel as though the characters are real people, so hopefully I can do them justice.

Emily Boudreaux is the main character.  When the series starts, she’s in her late-twenties.  She has long, curly blonde hair and a curvy figure.  She works as a paramedic and she’s really good at her job.  She’s kind, caring, and a little naive sometimes, though she doesn’t shy away from a confrontation.  She’s vulnerable when she needs to be and extremely strong when that is needed, too.  When others would have given up, Emily still hangs in there.

Connie Hebert is Emily’s best friend.  This petite, redheaded, ball of fire doesn’t really come into the spotlight until the second book, but once you get familiar with her, you can’t help but love her.  Connie works as a nurse for a local doctor, but she is jealous of the excitement Emily sees working on the ambulance.  She loves to be in the thick of the drama and is constantly the life of the party.

Pete Bergeron, was Emily’s boyfriend in high school.  After a fateful night, they went their separate ways, yet reconnected when she moved back to Green Bayou.  He’s now a gorgeous deputy who is eager to rekindle a relationship.  Tall, blue/green eyes, blond hair, muscular build--Pete is absolutely swoon-worthy, even though he does have a bit of a hot head.

Jacob Templet is Emily’s hot new work partner and he is the anti-Pete.  Jacob is relaxed, laid back, and protective in his own way.  He’s loyal and fair, almost to a fault.  He has dark brown hair that’s a little longer and beautiful deep brown eyes, one look from which can make even the most hardened heart soften. 

Alphonse Rivet is the Barney Fife of Atchafalaya Parish Sheriff’s Department.  He’s gangly man with gag-inducing features, yet you can’t help but fall in love with this walking disaster.

Those are some of the main characters from the first book in the series.  Other very notable characters who come about in future books are Holden Dautry, who is currently most reader’s favorite,  and Jackson Sonnier, who is right on Holden’s heels as fan favorite.  

Book Soundtrack: 
Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack for “Going Home”?

Hi!!  Thanks so much for asking this question!  My list for the perfect “Going Home” soundtrack would be:

1.  New Orleans Ladies by LeRoux
2.  Love Song by 311
3.  Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt
4.  I Never Told You by Colbie Caillat
5.  Amazed by Lonestar
6.  I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
7.  Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
8.  Hurt by Christina Aguilera
9.  Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson
10.  Just Give Me a Reason by Pink

Author Info-
Rhonda Dennis is proud to be born and raised in South Louisiana.  Her enthusiasm for the uniqueness of Louisiana’s culture is evident in her writing. Even though she loved writing, she put it on hold to work in the medical field.

After starting a family, she went back to college where her passion was reignited and Rhonda wrote her first novel, Going Home, Book One of the Green Bayou Novel Series. Rhonda lives in a small town in South Louisiana with her husband, Doyle, and her son, Sean. She appreciates the outdoors, spending time with her family and friends, and loves cooking.


 Giveaway Info-
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