In the Mirror by Melissa Darby

The Girl

I'm the girl they want But they never want to keep I'm left standing cold The wind rips through my soul I'm the girl they don't think twice to leave behind My tears become icicles an empty heart I walk through the icy waters Waiting for the warmth Lingering words Hurtful light I'm the girl they want But never want to keep They never put up a fight I've been bruised while they walk off without a scratch Or an honest goodbye I'm left wading in all their lies

Melissa Darby asked me to review her book for her and I agree. Also thank you for the copy and letting me review it. I read all the poems In the Mirror and let me tell you I love all the poems they dragged me in wanting to read more. If you ever been in love and trying your best to get over it or just maybe you are alone and wanting someone so bad the poems are for you! Maybe you might get a different meeting from them but that is what i kept thinking when I read the poems. Here is one of my favorite poems but I'm only putting part of it up if you want to read the rest I guess you will have to get your own copy..

I Wish I Could

I wish I could burn your words
Burn the things you said to me
Burn the Memory
Such loss I feel
I lay in this empty bed again
I want that fire I've been missing
But where do I go?
I can't turn to someone who I thought was my friend
That someone who I thought loved me
That someone who lay next to me
I wish to burn those memories





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